Drone Safety

We here at Wild Rabbit Productions - yes, I'll finally admit I actually really create most of my design work for them/us and I also am an investor in the company. I'm ecstatic to see the UAV industry grow as fast as it is – Having that said... I believe it is very important to share some FAA knowledge with the public.

Safety first when operating drones! And we've seen quite a few no no's in the news, as well as have been asked quite a lot of questions regarding the law; which plainly put, means: not everyone is really aware of what you can and can't do.

As an FAA exempt company we have to abide by a few regulations to allow us to legally operate on US soil commercially. Different countries have different regulations! To help understand what you are/aren't allowed to do, I've put together some visually stimulating eye candy with FAA facts!

Check out my tumblr for full details or just take a glimpse at some of the design I created for Wild Rabbit Aerial Productions based out of Los Angeles.