Don't waste beer and other things that made men's grooming

I've been spending some notable time looking at men's grooming/shopping sites and products. Research, research, research. And even though I'm female, haven't tested any of these products, and might not have a personal need for these products (my bf does), I still feel like you should see what's out there. Because I'm a designer and a sucker for awesome products, social impact, sustainability, fantastic packaging and epic branding...

Here's a list of sites I would highly recommend. 

For the grooming man, or bearded one:



Shave with Valor is an Aussie based, eco-aware company with a passion for organic, natural soaps. They started out at local markets to supply a growing demand for simple, organic and additive free skin and shaving care.


Damn Handsome Grooming Co. is an American based company, creating soap, skin and hair care out of beer brewing byproducts. Not only does this make them rather sustainable, they also donate to charities, giving children in impoverished nations soap to prevent a variety of disease. Their mission is: To provide men with damn good, hardworking products to help them look a just little more dapper, feel a hell of a lot more manly AND to create a company that is as sustainable as it is beneficial.


Apothecary87 is a UK based brand, started by a former bartender who realized that people weren't taking him quite as seriously as a clean shaven man. He noticed he looked a lot younger, thus deciding it was time to grow out a beard. And beards do need a bit of care if you're working in the service industry. After testing and trying various "girly" smelling products, it was time to start making "manly" smelling beard care. A87 was born. They provide men with a few lifestyle items and a collection of beard/stache care products. Join their #themanclub, and get featured on their (LADIES, and guys :) , seriously hours of bearded handsomes) well curated insta or tumblr.


Fort Amsterdam Hand Poured Beard Oil is located in NY and has a collection of beard care products, with a customer satisfaction guarantee.


Beardlife is another Australian based company with world wide shipping. They offer a variety of beard care oils, conditioners, shampoos and brushes. As well as "aphrodisiac infused" beard oil... not sure about that. But hey, if it works. They, too, have a neat insta.


Maestro's Classic (turn off the music on site) makes beard butter, and sulfate free bead conditioner and shampoo, (not quite sure from where). But they do seem to be in barber shops across the globe.


BeardBrand is a Washington based company "tired of beards being left to kitschy, cheap products. [They] felt these items are the reason many people think that beards are a fad. Beardbrand wants to bring high quality products for beardsmen." But not just that, they want to change the way society still views bearded men, for example leaving out connotations such as "clean-shaven" to beardless, and challenging organizations hat require men to shave.


Huckberry is an overall, everything, gorgeously designed, subscription based man store, with products ranging from clothing, to grooming, home, outdoor gear and more. They also sport a very interesting journal/blog with great photography and articles, like how to make your own provisions. Love this site and the products they have.


MTailor is in app that claims it can measure you more accurately than an actual (by 20%)  tailor via your device in under 5 minutes. You can then browse through a selection of premium fabrics to get your shirt tailored to your body. Last time I checked they had an intro price of $65 USD per shirt. And free shipping!


Finch Goods is an online store dedicated to making men's shopping easier and their wardrobes snazzier. From their site: "You’re busy. We know. You don’t have time to trek the globe, looking for the perfect scotch-soaked toothpicks. And that’s why at Finch Goods Co., we keep ourselves busy curating a well-edited and researched collection of men’s fashion finishings and lifestyle products that we know you’ll appreciate."


Trumaker, a SF based company, is the analog version to MTailor. Should you prefer a human touch, they actually have a local tailor come and visit your place to get your measurements, which are inputted into their online store after you happily receive your first shirt. This allows you to then easily shop their online selection, receiving a shirt that perfectly fits you.